Understanding Tours Automated Emails

If you're looking to better understand the exclusive Rentsync Tours email responses, you're in the right place.

Features of our Tours Automated Emails:

  • All email responses come with default text for your convenience. You can edit or completely re-write the content as needed.
  • Each email is tied to individual Tour Statuses. It's important to set each prospect's Tour Status according to where they are in your leasing funnel, so the right automated communication is sent at the right time.
  • Each email response is equipped to handle interpolation, so you can personalize the emails.

There are three default email response options:

  • Tour Requested
    • Sent to the prospect and assigned agent after initial request was submitted through the Tours widget on the website, via a chatbot or through manual addition by an agent in-app
  • Tour Confirmed
    • Sent to the prospect after the assigned agent has confirmed the tour request
  • Tour Cancelled
    • Sent to the prospect if an agent cancels the tour after confirming it or after the initial request

Next, there are three optional email response options:

  • Tour Denied
    • The "Tour Denied" status must be activated for this option to show in your account. To activate the 'denied' status, please make a request to our customer success team
    • Sent to the prospect when the assigned agent changes the requested tour status to "Denied"
    • We suggest the content of this email response be different from the 'cancellation' auto response
  • Reminder
    • Toggle On to use
    • Sent to the prospect at the designated # of hours before the confirmed tour is set to occur
  • Follow Up
    • Toggle On to use
    • Sent to the prospect after the assigned agent has set the tour status to "Completed"


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