When Do My Listings Get Updated?

Each rental listing site (RLS) pulls its data at different times throughout the day.

If you're wondering when your ad will next be updated on each RLS, refer to the list below. 

Note: All times displayed are EST. 



00:30 EST Zumper/Padmapper

01:00 EST RentCompass

02:00 EST Rentfaster*

04:00 EST Trovit/REW

04:00 EST TorontoRentals.com/Rentals.ca

04:30 EST Apartments.com

05:00 EST Casalova

05:30 EST RentersPages/Spacelist/Louer.ca

06:00 EST RentCanada/NextHome

06:00 EST Zillow

06:30 EST Zumper/Padmapper

09:00 EST ListNet

10:00 EST REW

11:00 EST Kijiji

12:00 EST RentCanada

12:30 EST Zumper/Padmapper

14:00 EST Rentfaster*

16:00 EST REW

18:00 EST RentCanada

18:30 EST Zumper/Padmapper

19:00 EST GottaRent

20:00 EST RentBoard*

22:00 EST REW

23:00 EST Kijiji

24:00 EST RentCanada


* Times indicated are for full data updates. Availability, descriptions, and pricing are updated additionally throughout the day.