Set up PPC Campaign Conversion Tracking

Whether running Google or Facebook Ads, learn how you can set up conversion tracking for your Rentsync website.

The Rentsync Platform includes integrated fields that allow you to easily set up conversion tracking on your Rentsync website. 

Google Ads

To track conversions on Google Ads, you need at least two types of tracking tags: the Global Site Tag and event tracking tag. 

Start by setting your conversion tracking codes up in your Google Ads account. Ideally, you should set up one conversion action per conversion type on your website. Typically, you would have one conversion action for each form type on your website, and one to track phone calls.

When your tags are ready, send the Global Site Tag and any event tag to to install for you. Ensure that you use the "click" option for your event snippets, not "page load".

Facebook Ads 

To track conversions on Facebook Ads, create a PIxel for your Ad Account in Meta Business Manager. Provide the Page View Pixel to to install for you. 

You can also provide other Standard Event tracking codes, or you can use Events Manager to set up additional conversion tracking on your website. 


Tip: Do you need help with managing a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign? Book a free consultation with one of Rentsync's digital marketing strategists to learn how we can help.