Set up Auto Responders for Rental Listing Site Inquiries

Instantly engage with prospects who respond to ads on rental listing sites with Auto Responders.

Set Up Your Auto Responder

  1. Choose "Listing Management" from the main navigation bar
  2. Choose "Auto Responders" from the sub menu
  3. Under the Auto Responder Template section, select the "'From' Name". This controls who the Auto Response appears to be from. You can select from the Property Name, your Company Name, or create a Custom Name. 
  4. Select the "'From' Email". This controls which email the Auto Response appears to be from. You can select the Property Email, a Generic Email, or create a Custom email. 
  5. Fill in the Auto Response Subject field with your chosen email subject line. 
  6. Fill out the Auto Response Message. The text editor in this section allows you to add images, format your text, and even use interpolation to include text within the email body that is specific to the property that the prospect has inquired for. 
  7. Toggle on the Activate Auto Response Email option at the top of the page. 
  8. When you're finished, click the "Save" button in the top right corner

Tip: Do you want to preview your Auto Response before saving? Under the Auto Response Preview section, select a Property, type in your email, then click "Send Test Email" to receive a copy of the email to your inbox.