Secured Forms: Users & User Permissions

You can add multiple users to your Secured Forms account, as well as assign different permissions.

User Permissions

There are two types of Users in Secured Forms. Administrators have the ability to create new Users, edit User permissions, and view all Forms. Users can only view the forms they have been given access to, and its submissions.

Create a User

If you are an Administrator on your Secured Forms account, you can add new Users to review and manage Forms for each property. 

  1. Click "Users" from the top menu
  2. Click the "+ Create User" button 
  3. Enter the new User's name and email address
  4. Select the "Admin Access" checkbox only if you want the new User to have Admin permissions
  5. Create and confirm a temporary password for the User

Tip: Ensure your new User resets their password the first time they sign into their new account.