Listing Score Overview

Listing Score©is a performance indicator that measures the content, quality and completeness of your rental listings. Listings that provide more detailed information to the renter are more likely to perform better and attract more qualified prospects

How is your Listing Score© calculated? 

Your Listing Score© is calculated on a per-property basis, using a Rentsync-developed content scoring system that reviews property and unit specific fields, assigning points to each. They are then added together to produce your overall Listing Score. Although both Property Score and Average Unit Score values are displayed using a 100 point scale separately, they are calculated based on their unique weightings and then recalculated out of a Listing Score of 100. 

Only enabled and available properties and units will be assigned scores.

Listing Score© Ranges



50%-69% Fair
70%-79% Good
80%-90% Very Good
91%+ Excellent





How can you improve your Listing Score©?

To improve your Listing Score©, address property and unit fields that are indicated with a
red heartbeat icon. Hovering over this icon will provide you with more information on the
corresponding field.

What can improving your Listing Score© do for you?

You can use your Listing Score© to ensure that your listings will be shown on all networks, that your listings are well-optimized, and that you are maximizing your ILS marketing dollars. You can also use your Listing Score© as an additional performance indicator, along with lead reporting, in order to gauge ILS marketing performance.