All About the Inquiries Log

The Inquiries Log displays all of your property leads captured on your Rentsync website or on listing sites.

Access the Inquiries Log by clicking on Leads from the main menu, then on Inquiries Log. 

The list view shows several key details about your leads: 

  • The star icon allows you to "favourite" leads. You can filter by starred leads by clicking on the star in the heading row. 
  • The Source tag tells you where the lead came from. 
  • The Inquiry Date tells you the date the inquiry was received. 
  • The Property Name indicates which property the lead was for. 
  • The City shows which city the property is located in. 
  • The status icon tells you whether a lead has been viewed in Rentsync. 

From the list view, you can also use the Export CSV button in the top right to download a csv file of all leads based on the filters you have set. 

Click on a lead to access the lead message and to take additional actions on the lead.

From this view, you can jump to the property page in Rentsync by using the "View Property" link. Using the icons at the top of the lead message, you can also star the lead from this view, archive it to remove it from the main Inquiries Log list, or print it. 

If you are viewing a listing site lead, click on the three vertical dots at the top of the lead message and click "View Listing" to be taken directly to the live version of your ad. 

On the right side of the page, you will see details about the prospect, including their name, email, and phone number (as long as each of these are provided). Leave notes for internal reference by clicking on the "+ Add New Note" link under Prospect Notes.