Add or Manage Property-level Photos

Share photos of common areas, amenities, exteriors, and more with property-level photos.

Add Photos at the Property-level

  1. Select the "Properties" tab, then choose "Residential" or "Commercial"
  2. Choose the property you want to edit, and click on its name
  3. Select "Photos" from the left side-bar
  4. Either upload new photos by clicking the "Upload Photos" button, or drag existing photos from the "Available Photos" section on the right to the property-level gallery on the left

Tip: When uploading new photos, you can immediately assign them at the property- or unit-level by using the toggles for the property or next to each unit type. You can also choose where in the list they'll be added - either at the top or bottom of the list. 

Manage Property Photos

Once you have uploaded the photos you need, and have dragged them into the property-level photo gallery, you can manage the gallery from the same page.

  • Rearrange the order in which the photos are displayed by dragging the photo up or down in the list, or by hovering over the photo and using the arrows displayed to its left.
  • Give a photo a Name and Description by typing this into the photo's Name/Description text box.
  • Give a photo an Alt Text description by typing this into the photo's Alt Text text box. You should use this field to describe what is in the photo in as few words as possible.
  • Make a photo a Featured Photo by clicking the star next to the photo number. 
  • Delete a photo by clicking on the red x in the Available Photos gallery. Delete a photo from the Property Gallery by first dragging it into the Available Photos gallery, then clicking the red x. 

Tip: The changes you make auto-save for your convenience. 

Tip: The photo at the top of the Property Gallery list will be the property's main photo, and will typically display as the thumbnail for the gallery where applicable.

Tip: Setting photos as Featured allows you to change the display order of photos on ILS's, without impacting the order of the photos on your website. Learn more.