Add or Manage Career Postings

Attract new employees by posting open career opportunities on your website.

Before you begin, ensure the Careers module is turned on and that you have a corresponding careers page on your website. 

Make Changes to the Careers Page

  1. Select the "Website" tab, then choose "Pages"
  2. Find the Careers page and click on its title to open its settings
  3. Make changes to the page title, content, or images on the page
  4. Click "Save Page" to finish

Tip: This is where you manage the content on the Careers page on your website. To add and manage job postings, see below.

Add a Job Posting

  1. Select the "Website" tab, then choose "Careers"
  2. Click the "Add Job Posting" button
  3. Fill in all of the information applicants will need, then click "Save Career Posting"

Job Posting Field Types

  • The Job Title field is mandatory and is where you put the name of the career
  • Job Location refers to where the position is located
  • Job Type provides a dropdown selection for indicating the type of job
  • Wage Type provides a dropdown selection for indicating how the job will be paid
  • Wage Amount is where you can put the hourly or salaried rate for the job
  • The Job Summary section can be used to provide a short summary of the job, and is typically displayed on your careers listing page
  • The Job Details section can be used to provide more detailed information about the job, and is displayed on the posting's details page
  • The External Posting Link field allows you to link out to a posting on an external website, such as Indeed
  • The Tags allow you to assign categories to the job posting, which can be used for filtering and searching through opportunities on your website
  • The Contact Details/How to Apply field allows you to add the contact details for the person accepting applications, if you don't include a form directly on the posting
  • The Posting Start Date can be used to schedule a live post in advance
  • The Posting End Date can be used to expire a promotion when you are done accepting applications
  • The Page Title and Meta Description fields allow you to set meta data for this page on your website
  • The Posting Status indicates whether the post will be live or not