Add or Manage Auto-responses for Waiting List Inquiries

Set up an immediate auto-response, or a follow up email that sends when a unit becomes available.

Before you start, ensure you have the Forms module enabled in your Rentsync account.

Set up Immediate & Follow Up Auto-responses for Waiting List Inquiries

  1. Click on the hamburger menu at the top right of the Rentsync Dashboard, then select "Form Settings"
  2. Select the "Waiting List Form"
  3. Fill in the "Success Message" field with an explanation of what the prospect can expect after submitting a Waiting List inquiry
    Example: "Thank you for your interest in this property. We will be in touch with you when a unit becomes available."
  4. In the Immediate Auto-response Email section, select "Enable Auto-response" and "Include Request Details in Auto-response" 
  5. In the Follow-up Email section, select "Enable Auto-response" and "Include Request Details in Follow-up Email"
  6. Customize both Auto-response Messages (see below for more information)
  7. Click "Save Form" to finish

Customizing the Auto-response Messages

You can customize the auto-response messages that will be sent to prospects after they submit a Waiting List inquiry or after a unit becomes available using Interpolation.

Interpolation refers to adding dynamic data from your form into otherwise static text. This is done by adding a key in double squared brackets within your text. 

The key can be the Form Name of any field in your form (located under "Show Advanced"). If a Form Name says [auto], you can add one yourself or save the form to generate one first.

Interpolation keys can also be one of the following predefined keys, which refer to the details of a building or city, if either is selected in some way.

Building Interpolation Keys

  • [[property]] or [[building]]
  • [[building_header]]
  • [[building_type]]
  • [[address]] or [[property address]]
  • [[street_number]]
  • [[street_name]]
  • [[intersection]]
  • [[neighbourhood]]
  • [[postal]]
  • [[contact_name]]
  • [[property_phone]] or [[phone]]
  • [[extension]]

City Interpolation Keys

  • [[city]]
  • [[province]]
  • [[province_code]]
  • [[country]]
  • [[country_code]]

Example of a Follow-up Auto-response

Hi [[name]],

You are receiving this email because you signed up to our waiting list. We are happy to let you know that [[property]] has a unit available!

You can call [[contact_name]] regarding this property at [[property_phone]], [[extension]].

Thank you for your interest.

Tip: An automated follow-up email will send automatically once a unit becomes available. To ensure a prospect does not receive a follow-up email following a certain time period after their initial response, be sure to fill out the Expiry field.