Add a Property-level Video

Wow your prospects by adding video footage of your property.

Before you get started in the Rentsync Dashboard, ensure you're hosting your video on a website like YouTube or Vimeo. Find your video's embed code by viewing the property on either website, clicking "Share", then choosing the "Embed" option. You'll need to copy the full embed code. 

Associate a Video with a Property

  1. Select the "Properties" tab, then choose "Residential" or "Commercial"
  2. Choose the property you want to edit, and click on its name
  3. Select "Videos" from the left side-bar
  4. Fill in all appropriate fields (see below for more information), then click "Save Videos" 

Field Types


Give your video an appropriate title so you can stay organized. 

Example: "Elephant Towers Exterior"


By default, when you add a new video, its status will be set to "Enabled". If you're not ready to display your video yet, change this to "Disabled". 


This optional field can be used to provide more information about the video.

Paste Embed Code

Copy the embed code from wherever you are hosting your video. Ensure you paste the full embed code into this field.