Improve Email Delivery: SPF Records

In order to improve email delivery and reduce the chances of emails ending up in your spam filters, it is recommended that you have a valid SPF record on your domain, which emails are configured to send from.

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, and is a mechanism for preventing unauthorized emails from unknown sources to be delivered on your behalf.

An SPF record is a speciality formatted TXT DNS record that helps to inform email servers which IPs or domains are allowed to send emails from your domain.

If you use Google for your email services, your SPF record might look like this:

"v=spf1 ~all"

If you are using a custom "from" email in any Rentsync feature that sends emails (leads, forms, auto-responders), you must include SendGrid in your SPF record. Adding it to the previous record, you would get:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Regardless of whether you are using Rentsync's services for sending email, your email should be set up with proper SPF records. We also recommend ensuring that your email server or provider as DKIM set up. This is most commonly set up by IT teams when email servers are first configured.