Control Ad Content with Ad Layouts

You can now control how your ads look on each ILS with the Ad Layouts feature.

Each ILS has different requirements and ways of displaying the information sent from Rentsync to the ILS. With Ad Layouts, you now have greater control over the information that is sent and how it is displayed on each website. 

Before you start, think about how you want your ad to look and what information you want to include.

Create Your Ad Layout

  1. Choose "Ad Syndication" from the main menu.
  2. Choose "Ad Layouts" from the secondary menu.
  3. Select a Connection from the dropdown menu at the top of the editor. You may also select "Default" to impact all Connections.
  4. Customize your Ad Layout by dragging and dropping content blocks from the left panel into the space on the right. 
  5. When you're finished, click the "Save Ad Layout" button.

Tip: Do you want to see how your ad will look before you click Save? Use the Ad Preview function! At the top of the Ad Layout page, select a Connection and a Property you want to preview, then click "View Ad Preview". This will show you what your ad will look like live on the chosen ILS. 

Ad Layout Content Blocks

  • Text: Use for single lines of text.
  • Text Area: Use for larger sections of paragraph text. 
  • Heading: Create a section to organize your content.  
  • Create a List: Create a bulleted list within your content. 
  • Property Description: Copy the Property Description field from your Property Details.
  • Unit Description: Copy the Unit Description field from your Property Details.
  • Amenities: Choose which amenities from your existing list you want to send to each ILS.
  • Utilities: Add information about utilities included. 
  • Promotions: Add a promotion to your ad.
  • Custom Field: Get creative! Best for advanced users. 
  • Units Information: Customize the unit details included in your ad.