Add or Manage Unit-level Photos

Share photos of your units and assign them to the correct unit types.

To follow best practices, only enable photos in your unit-level galleries that depict a particular unit or unit type. 

Add Photos to a Unit Gallery

  1. Click "Properties" from the main menu
  2. Click on "Properties" from the submenu on the left
  3. Choose a property from the list 
  4. Navigate to the Units tab at the top of the page
  5. Click on a unit
  6. Navigate to the Unit Media tab at the top of the page
  7. Enable all photos associated with this unit or unit type, or add new photos
  8. Click the "Save" button at the bottom right to finish 

Tip: To make managing your content easier, upload all available photos to your property-level gallery, then enable or disable photos as needed within each gallery.