Add or Manage Property-level Photos

Share photos of your property on your website and on rental listing sites.

To make managing your content easier, upload all available photos to the property-level gallery. To follow best practices, only enable photos in your property-level gallery that depict building exteriors and common areas to all residents. 

Add Photos to Your Property Gallery 

  1. Click "Properties" from the main navigation bar
  2. Click on "Property List" from the submenu
  3. Select a property from the list 
  4. Click on "Property Media" in the subnav of the navigation bar on the left, under the property you chose
  5. Select 'Photos' from the main area, to open the gallery and options
  6. Click the “+ Add Photo” button and select all photos you want to import
    1. Alternatively, you can drag your files into the designated section
    2. Deselect any photo that you want to upload but set to Disabled, then click the "Upload Files" button to finish

Manage Property Photos

Once you have added photos to your property gallery, you can take the following actions. 

  • Rearrange the order of your photos using the six vertical dots on the left side of each photo. Click, hold, and drag the photo into its preferred position.
  • Disable, or Hide, a photo by hovering over the thumbnail and using the toggle that appears
  • Delete a photo or group of photos by clicking on the checkbox at the top right of the thumbnail, then clicking on the red "Delete" button.
  • Rotate or crop a photo by clicking on a photo thumbnail, then clicking on the "Edit Media Details" link on the right side. 
  • Add a Name, Alt Tag, and image Tag by clicking on a photo thumbnail, then clicking on the "Edit Media Details" link on the right side. 
  • Make a photo a Featured Photo by hovering over a photo thumbnail and clicking on the star icon over the image thumbnail. Click the star icon again to no longer feature the photo.

Tip: Designating photos as Featured allows you to change the display order of photos on rental listing sites, without impacting the order of the photos on your website.