Add or Change Amenities

Ensure your rental community’s amenities are up to date and accurate to help prospects know if your property is right for them.

Add/Change Property- and Unit-level Amenities

  1. Click “Properties” from the main menu
  2. Click on  "Property List" from the submenu
  3. Choose a property from the list
  4. Click on "Amenities" in the navigation bar on the left, under the property you have chosen
  5. Click to expand the Property Amenities and/or Unit Amenities in the main content section
  6. Select all the amenities in each area, that apply
  7. Create a custom amenity by typing the name of the amenity in the “Add Custom Amenity” box, then click "Add" 
  8. Click the "Save Amenities" button at the bottom right to finish
Tip: If you’re using Ad Syndication to advertise your properties, try to use as many standard amenities as possible. Custom amenities may not have corresponding amenity options on individual rental listing sites, and therefore may not show in the amenity section.