Edit a Website Form

You add, remove, and edit the fields on any existing form on your Rentsync website using Content Blocks.

Add, Remove, or Edit Form Fields

  1. Click “Websites” from the main navigation bar
  2. Click "Website List" from the sub menu
  3. Select the "Edit" button on the website you wish to make changes to
  4. Click "+ Form" on the main navigation bar sub menu
  5. Click "Settings" from the resulting sub menu
  6. Select the name of the form you want to edit from the main list
  7. Drag a Content Block from the left panel into the center to add it to your form, or drag a content block 
  8. Edit the settings of a Content Block on your form by clicking on the dropdown arrow 
  9. Duplicate a Content Block that is already part of your form by clicking the Copy icon when the Content Block's settings are open
  10. Remove a Content Block by clicking on the Delete icon when the Content Block's settings are open
  11. Make a Content Block a Required field - meaning the form cannot be submitted unless the field is filled out - by toggling on the Required toggle
  12. Click the Save button in the bottom right to finish