Kijiji Amenities: November 2020 Update

Are amenities missing on your Kijiji ad? See below for a list of amenities that will no longer be displayed.

Using Ad Syndication with Rentsync means you get to sync key information about your apartment community with any number of our partner listing sites. How the information we send displays on each partner site is ultimately up to the partner.

If you're missing any amenities on your Kijiji ad that you had previously seen, this may be a result of recent updates made to Kijiji's amenity display list. 

Amenities That No Longer Display on Kijiji Ads

  • Sauna
  • Yoga Room
  • Theatre in Building
  • Games Room
  • Party Room
  • Microwave
  • Landline

Tip: Are you missing an amenity that is not on this list? Use our guide to troubleshooting your Kijiji ads to determine your next steps.