Landlord Web Solutions is now Rentsync

Have you heard? Landlord Web Solutions is now Rentsync. 

The first thing you'll notice is that the LIFT System is now called the Rentsync Dashboard. We're still in the process of transforming our aesthetic, so please bear with us as we make the transition. Check this spot for more updates over the coming months.

The same great tools with brand new names:

  • The product formally known as RentSync is now called Ad Syndication
  • Insights is now called Reports
  • Promotions are now found under the Properties tab

RentSync is now called Ad Syndication

Rentsync (previously "RentSync") got a big promotion – it's now our brand name! Since there's not enough room for two Rentsyncs in this place, we needed to give the product a new name as well. "Ad Syndication" is the same great tool you know and love, just with an updated alias.


Explore your Insights under Reports

Our Insights haven't changed, but the name has! You can now access and export all your key data points under the "Reports" tab.

Promotions have moved

To better improve your user experience we have moved our "Promotions" feature under the "Properties" tab. It has the same functionality, just a different look and location!