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Onboarding the Booking App

When starting with the Booking App for the first time there is an onboarding process that needs to be followed. Once this is set up for each Booking App user - you'll be good to go! 

When you first start you'll find the Booking App within the Rentsync dashboard under Inquiries > Booking 

*NOTE: It is accessible outside of the Rentsync dashboard but for the onboarding and setup process Rentsync access is required. 

On your first time opening this section you'll see a fairly empty page. You'll need to navigate to Properties  and choose Import from Rentsync.  

A list of properties will come up and you will need to check which ones you'd like to bring into the Booking App platform. 

The next step is to set the timezone for each property. This involves clicking the pencil beside the property and then selecting the appropriate timezone. This is important as it allows the prospects to book the time in relation to the location of the property.  * At this point, it is helpful to review the property data to ensure it is displaying as expected. There is no need to include the 1 for the country code in a phone number for example. 

Once that is set up please move on over to the Users settings section and set up your users. By default, this will list the contact email address of the properties as they are set in Rentsync. Depending on your set up you may need to alter these users. 

By clicking on the gear icon you can access each user's settings page. 

On this page, you can adjust their name/email setup, which properties they are responsible for showing, their booking time increments (how long the tour/walk-through should take from start to finish) as well as setting up with the calendar connection.  To set up the calendar you can follow the steps in this article: 

Booking App: Setting up 2 way sync calendar

From this page you can also invite the user to the booking app - this will allow the user to access their booking app environment without needing direct access to the Rentsync dashboard. 

Another key section under the User Settings is the Availability: 

The availability for a prospect to book a tour is determined by the property's user's availability. If there is only one user per property then only that user's availability is taken into consideration. If there are multiple users per property then their pooled/combined availability is used. When a prospect books a tour, the booking app will choose a random user that is available at that time and assign the tour to them, and mark them unavailable for that time slot for future bookings. 

The last section is the overall settings section. I've broken it down by numbers below: 

1 - Client Settings: This is the default name and email address that shows in the email that is sent to prospects when they book a tour

2 - Default Availability: When a new user is added - it will use this default availability and time increments as its initial setup. This is also where you set the buffer time to prevent prospects from booking a showing within the next set number of hours. Here is also where you can set a reminder email to go out to the prospects on the day of the appointment by sliding this switch: 

3 - Email Messages: You can customize the default emails that are sent to prospects at different points of the booking process. You can also use this section to see what text is sent at these steps as well. 

4 - Form Fields: You can add form fields to the contact form that the prospects fill out, such as unit type, move-in date etc. 

5 - Logo: You can upload a logo to ensure the pop-up window remains on brand. 

6 - Background Colour: Gives you the ability to set the background colour of the pop-up window. This allows for entering HEX codes directly as well. 

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