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Add virtual tours to a property

You've invested in 3D virtual tours for your property and now you're ready to share them with the world!

Adding a tour is easy in the Rentsync dashboard - all you need is the embed code or html link provided by your virtual tour supplier. You can also add a YouTube video embed code in this section. 

Start by... 

1. Logging into Rentsync

2. Under "Properties", choose the building you want to add the tour to

3. In the left side-bar, click the "Virtual Tours" button

4. Fill out the fields provided:

Title/Unit Type: 

  • Should include # of bedrooms & # of bathrooms
  • Should include the name of the unit that is already in LIFT
    Example: "Maple 1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom" or "Bachelor Suite, 1 Bath"

Paste Embed Code:

  • If you're adding a 3D tour, you'll need to paste the entire embed code or HTML link, provided by your supplier. 
    • If your supplier gives you a specific code but you only input the URL link from the address bar, it likely will NOT work. Only use what the supplier provides.
  • If you're adding a video, first upload it to your YouTube account. Copy the embed code (again, not the URL link from the address bar) and paste it into the LIFT field.

5. If you are adding multiple tours to one building, just click the "Add a virtual tour" button to add more fields:

6. When finished, be sure to SAVE using the teal button

Want your virtual tour to connect to your ILS ads via Ad Syndication? 

Here's some additional info:

  • Ad Syndication has the ability to automatically sync your virtual tours with select ILS partners:
    • Zumper/PadMapper Featured Ads (not available on non-featured ads)
    • REW
  • Only some file types are supported
    • Matterport & YouTube
    • Zumper/PadMapper: Matterport, YouTube, Panoskin & GeoCV
    • All tour and video types (except Panoskin Tours)
    • Matterport, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • If you are interested in signing up for Zumper/PadMapper Featured Ads, please fill out this form and one of our team members will be in touch with pricing details.

  • Note: Your embed codes must be uploaded into the Virtual Tour field, *not* the regular Video field, in order to work with the ads syndication. 

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