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Setting up my 2 way sync calendar

Lets get you rolling with 2 way sync

You'll need to be logged into Rentsync to set this up initially. 

1 - Login to Rentsync and navigate to

2 - Navigate to the Users section 

3 - Click on Settings beside the user you'd like to edit

4 - Choose Sync my Calendars

5 - Pick a sign-in method - choose the one that matches your calendar type

6 - Enter your Email Address for the calendar you'd like to connect

Follow the prompts to connect your calendar. 

Once connected, you may need to refresh your browser, you'll then see your list of connected calendars in the dropdown. 

Choose your calendar, then pick your preferred sync method (default is 2 ways) and choose Enable. 

And you're done! 

All items in your connected calendar will show up as exceptions in the Booking App so you cannot be booked during that time. 

All bookings that come through for you will be synced directly to your calendar. 

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