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Run a report for your ads

There are two kinds of reports you can view/run: 

Email Leads & Call Leads

Email Leads

These are all the email messages from all your connected listing sites. We monitor the initial incoming messages in order to bill appropriately, to best show you your return on investment, as well as to provide a backup of the data and a place to pull that raw data for your reporting needs. 

To pull your Email Leads you will need to go to Insights. 

Once you're there, you have two options. Advertising, or Email Tracking. 

Advertising will show you number and trends. Email tracking will show you each individual incoming email. 

Under Advertising you can see Daily leads, Leads by City, Leads by Property etc. Clicking on any one of these reports will open up a table with all the numerical data listed. You can set your filters and date range by scrolling to the far right and using the options there: 

Once you have the information you'd like to see filtered down, you can then export to CSV (comma seperated value) which can be opened in a spreadsheet program of your choosing. 

You can also view the raw email data by clicking on Email Tracking in the top sub-menu.

From there you will see a long list of emails that have come in from all your RentSync partners given the applied filters. You'll see along the right there are filters available. Clicking on an email will open up more details about it. And Exporting to CSV will give you the option to us it in a spreadsheet as well. 

Call Tracking

Choosing Insights > Call Tracking will bring up all your recorded data regarding calls that have been tracked using LWS' numbers. 

There are a number of reports available there for you. The first one being Call Logs and Activity. You can see all the call data within a specified date range. You can also listen to the calls as they are recorded. You can also export this data as needed. 

The Peak Usage report is a visual representation of when your leads are contacting your company. This one cannot be exported as a CSV but it is there for you to review.


These few reports should get you up and running in no time. 


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