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Billing Account Tips

At Rentsync, in addition to marketing and data syndication, we are constantly seeking out and developing effective means of creating comprehensive, specific and detailed invoicing solutions for our distinctive clients’ needs.

We have created a solution that allows us to set up multiple individualized options for billing, such as: by building, city, client accounting codes/references, ownership groups and many other options still in development. Please contact us to make sure your company’s needs are being met effectively.  

Here are two Rentsync tools you can start using today: 

Download Your Data 

We understand number crunching and transferring financial data from one source to another, including into accounting software, can be a tedious and overwhelming task at times. Our goal at Rentsync is to support our clients by making this process cost-effective, seamless and efficient. We will work with you to make this task as streamlined as possible, thereby reducing costs associated with administrative Accounts Payable functions. Located in the Settings section within Rentsync, is the Billing Report Tab - a key area in Rentsync that can help you analyze outlays. Housed within that page is a multitude of data that summarizes associated fees by service/building for each month billed. This data is all downloadable into CSV format which easily converts to Excel. The system administrator can then easily send the document to the AP department.
Accessing Your Invoices 

Rentsync is committed to an environmentally responsible method of billing clients, whereby we send all monthly recurring and one-time invoices electronically.  Invoices are sent to the Billing Contact as listed in your Rentsync Settings > Accounting. This can be updated by Account Administrators at any time, which updates live to our billing software partner, FreshBooks. By keeping your billing contact information up-to-date in the Rentsync dashboard, this will ensure that the right person receives the invoices consistently.  Monthly invoices are transmitted through the electronic link around the 5th or 6th of each month, for charges from the month previous. Additionally, we have payment options that allow for Credit Card payments via PayPal, Direct Deposits and E-transfers. All this information can be found on your monthly invoice. 

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