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When you set up a website through LWS you'll see this overview page. There are 5 sections here to give you a feel of how your website and properties are performing at a glance. 

We connect directly with Google Analytics in order to provide you with the most accurate data. 

The first section you'll see is: 

Website Traffic


  • The number of people who browsed your website within the specified time (in this case, the last 7 days).

Unique Visits

  • This measures the number of different people who have accessed your website. This differentiates from Visits because it will not report if a user visits your website multiple times. 

New Visits

  • This shows the percentage of people that visit your website for the first time in the selected date range.


  • A pageview is reported when a page has been viewed by a user on your website. 

Avg Pageviews

  • This shows the average number of pageviews in each browsing session. 

Time on Site

  • The average amount of time a user will spend on your website

Bounce Rate

  • Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single pageview. Which means this is the percentage of people that view one page and then leave your website. 

Device Breakdown

You can use this chart to easily see which types of devices/computers your guests are using to access your website. 

Lead History

This line graph is a visual representation of the overall number of building inquiries that have come through your website directly. This does not include any advertising leads. 

Top Page Views

This bar graph quickly displays your 10 website pages that received the most views during the last 30 days.

Total Property Inquiries

A helpful chart that displays the top ten properties that received the most leads as well as the quantity of leads. 

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