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How to add/edit property photos

Adding property-specific photos to Rentsync allows them to be displayed across both your website (if managed through Rentsync) and through any listing sites via Ad Syndication. 


You can add photos to the Property level by following these steps: 


Open Rentsync and log in. 

Select Properties:

Select the property where you'd like to add the photos and select Photos from the left-hand menu:

On the right-hand side you will see the button to Upload Photos:

From there you can either drag and drop the photos in or upload directly from your computer/device. 

Once uploaded, you can either assign the photo to the property and/or to a specific Unit:

Click Save & Close if you're done, or Save & Upload More to add more photos! 

You can manage photos to the Property level by following these steps: 

In the same section, once photos have been uploaded, you can rearrange them in the Managing Photos area on the left. 

Photos can be drag and dropped, named, and favourited. 

Photo #1 will be the first one shown, main photo or thumbnail in most cases. Clicking the star to favourite a photo does various things. Read more here!

Photos not in use stay in the Available Photos section on the right: 

If you need to delete a photo, you can click the red X in the corner of the photo. Note that the photo needs to be dragged back to this section first before it can be deleted! 

These changes auto-save for your convenience.

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