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Set up automated Wait List settings

Got too many waitlist requests and don't know how to handle them?

Are your staff members drowning in the number of emails they need to send out?

Are you losing leads because you didn't get back to them in time with your available unit?

I have the answer for you. 

**Please note these steps are dependent upon you having the Forms module enabled in Rentsync. You can read more about the Forms Manager here: 

Feature Showcase: Forms Manager

In Rentsync - open Settings - Form Settings - Waiting List Forms

You can add a custom success message, which displays when the visitor successfully submits a waiting list request. It can be something like I've outlined below:You can also have the waiting list send out an automated email once the visitor has signed up. You can use interpolation (see bottom of article) with these as well so wherever you put in something like [[property]] it will replace it with the property name: And lastly, you can completely customize the automated response that gets sent when a unit becomes available: 

(4380 hours is 6 months)

If you have any questions about interpolation, you can view this handy guide below (which is also available within Rentsync) 


This refers to adding dynamic data from your form into otherwise static text.

All interpolation is done by adding a "key" in double square brackets within your text.
Example: "Hi, [[full_name]]!"

The key can be the "Form Name" of any field in your form (located under "Show Advanced"). If your Form Name says "[auto]", you can add one yourself or save the form to generate one first.

Interpolation keys can also be one of the following predefined keys, which refer to the details of a building or city if one is selected in some way.


  • property (or building)
  • building_header
  • building_type
  • address (or property_address)
  • street_number
  • street_name
  • intersection
  • neighbourhood
  • postal
  • contact_name
  • property_phone (or phone)
  • extension


  • city
  • province
  • province_code
  • country
  • country_code
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